Carowinds Connection (2024)

So some friends decided to take me on a spontaneous trip to ATL for my birthday this past weekend and of course when asked what I wanted to do I said 6flags duhhh. Lol

Upon entry into the parkway, you see Goliath and The Georgia Scorcher, both in need of a repaint!! As we pulled up to the toll booth, red flags already went up. The parking attendant didn't have change nor did the card machine work. Um why is this booth even open? All three attendants seemed out of it or overwhelmed running back and forth to the office to make transactions and get change. Now for the record I have never parked in the main parking lot. I honestly didn't know it was there as to me being use to parking in one of the gravel lots up front near the side road.

We ended up finding a spot near the back by Batman and Mindbender. We caught the tram to the front gate. I still think Carowinds can use this again. Went to go purchase a single day ticket, I was still debating on getting a season pass or doing the membership. Turns out the single day ticket was not available for sale however for a $1 more you can get the 4-month pass. Pretty much equivalent to the silver pass just valid thru September. Why not? All I have to do is pay for parking. Did I mention it's $20 sheesh.

Heading to the front gate I already knew this would be a long day by the herds of people waiting to get thru security. They didn't have enough workers so the were shuffling us from line to line like sheep in a field. I was immediately frustrated and it was hot. Finally got through checkpoint only to approach the fingerprint and ticket scanner without an attendant. Yes I went postal at that point with 7 others backing me up. Out of that I got a voucher for a free drink smh. Scanned my card and scan my fingerprint. It's officially!! I'm in the 6flags database.

Let me stop here a say that one thing I do love about the park is the land it sits on and landscaping. Some may argue that it may be difficult to get around due to all the hills in the park I for one absolutely LOVE IT! I love the dynamics of it all. At some point you're looking up at people or looking down and in valley at people paired with almost constantly being under a canopy of trees. It's a breath of fresh air from the flat land of Carowinds and sheer heat other than planet snoopy. I thoroughly enjoyed the natural shade in que lines such as Mindbender and monster mansion; not just a tarp hanging overhead. Oh and all the waterfalls and small streams through the park was just perfect for a Sixflags park.

Ok onto the rides. We darted straight to gothem city first. First up was the Larson looper, The Joker. This is where frustration set in and this is for most rides there. The operations are horrendously slow. There shouldn't have been an hour wait for a ride that is in a carnival/fair that only takes maybe 5-8mins. The load and unload is just to much. The have to hook and unhook the hydraulic to open and close the harnesses, then it went down. We were told that every few hours they have to charge it up. Umm WHAT? At this point my friends and I didn't want to fork out for a flash pass so we made up our minds at that point this would be an all day event until close. 9 hours of sheer 6flags bliss. Finally got on, I rate it 7/10. Basic fair flat ride. Really enjoyed the hang time.

Crime Wave was your basic wave swinger that had plenty of guest wanting to ride. I can't wait for Carownds to install this next year hopefully it gets the same love first showed this one every cycle was full.

Mindbender. Again the natural shading of the que was everything. Maybe a 60min wait for this one. I didn't complain being in the shade with a nice breeze. The funny part was me standing at the door of the station waiting on an attendant to tel me where to sit. Clearly been going to cedar fair parks way to long. So this ride is 8/10. Still a fav but it's gotten rough of course and it can use some new paint. I did love the ride ops crowd participation efforts and they responded unlike the cedar fair counterparts.

Next up Marley Quinn Spin Sanity basic tilt-a-whirl

Then onto Batman. Pause let me say this. This park's ques on the big attractions are extremely way too long. Just walking through the que bypassing the overflow section(s) overwhelmed me. If batman's que was at full capacity it could easily be a 4hr+ wait. Anyway I rate this (6/10) just didn't do it for me. Afterburn is more intense to me and still my top pick then Banshee, Montu and Alpengiest.

Moving back up we did Dare Devil Dive. This was the longest wait of 1hr 50mins and the que wasn't even full. This was due to the VR foolery. It takes so long for them to get them on and programmed ugh I just wanted to ride. Anywho 8/10 classic eurofighter coaster. Loved the drop and it was very smooth and quiet.

Darted over to Goliath. About an 1hr wait time. 8/10 for this. Yes to me it's one of the better hypers under Raging Bull . Very forceful in the second have. But I can get past the paint lol.

LUNCH BREAK!!! One thing I can say about 6flags is the variety of foods throat the park from burritos to bbq to pizzerias to American foods and not so many franchises you can get outside the park. I love how the just plop a food seating section in the middle of the midway. I wish Carownds had more variety . Don't get me wrong harmony hall is great but we still need more. Almost every food joint sells chicken tenders and burgers can we get specialty eateries around the park??

Thunder River about a 1.5hr wait had fun I didn't get wet to bad but one of my friends were drenched.

American scream machine was next. This is where I wished an attendee seated us. The wait was 1hr only become people were only wanting to ride the front half of the train cause the line to move slowly. The line goes directly into the turn styles. There is no open area like in most stations to just fill in. Obviously I see why everybody wanted the front. I got a seat in the middle. I think my back was adjusted riding this death trap. OMG this ride made me apprise Hurler and Mean Streak, like seriously. My back was killing me and my neck felt like it was cracked wrong. Yea this ride (2/10) GET RID OF IT or get RMC topper track.

Hurricane Harbor wasn't open but all the water effects and slides were running.

After having a friend help me stretch and crack my back we got on Superman. (7/10) I love B&M flyers. That will be the only way I would get rid of Nighthawk. They only used one loading side so the wait was long but the seats were comfortable and the ride was so very smooth. I just prefer Nighthawk's or Firehawk's layout as far as compact is concerned. Tatsu is my #1 still.

Sky Screamer!! I give this a 8/10. I think it way more thrilling than the windseekers maybe cause the chairs can twist to the side a bit due to only be held with chains vs a steel beam, kind of adds to the fear of it popping and you falling to your death. Also gives the feel of it going pretty fast and the fact it goes all the way to the top and the drops halfway down and jumps back up mid ride.

Of course Ninja err Blue Hawk is still in refurb. The paint job is excellent and the train restraints looks to be for a comfortable ride.

New DC heroes section is still not open. Looks completed tho. Should be open by this weekend or after I guess.

Across the midway Monster Mansion LOVE IT!!

Went back to the log flume can't remember the name. LOVE IT as I do all log flumes hopefully carowinds get another one as I do miss the old thornberry.

Onto Georgia Scorcher. One train operation which made wait time 95mins ugh. 7/10 for this only because I don't like stand ups, however I place this above Vortex yet under Riddler's Revenger and Mantis.

Georgia Cyclone. Yea reminded me why I barely ride either woodies in this park. OMG total back ache. 4/10 better than American Scream Machine tho. I wouldn't RMC this but have GCI do a good retracking.

Next up was acrophobia. It's still a fav of mine. I think the interaction from the ride ops make the ride more thrilling because you're not focused on how long you sit up there and the actually still control when you drop can know that whole set up from the clicks to the drop on drop zone at carowinds. Rode this 4x.

It was about 8:15 so we darted back to Dare Devil Dive then rode the train around the park. Got one last ride on Goliath and then just walked around under the canopy of trees.

SFOG is by far to me the better landscaped parks in the chain. Can't wait to experience SFMM in June haven't been since Psyclone was demolished, along with Knotts Berry, Legoland, Seaworld, Belmont Park, Disneyland and may push for SFDK. I will be getting a gold or platinum flash pass for SFMM. If the ATL lines were like it was I can only imagine a park with more big boy rides and a thrill destination can be like. I have no time for that lol.

Carowinds Connection (2024)


What is the least crowded day at Carowinds? ›

Sundays are generally less crowded than Saturdays, and Boomerang Bay is much less crowded than the main section of the park.

Can I bring an empty water bottle into Carowinds? ›

Can I bring my own food and beverage? No outside food or beverage is allowed inside Carowinds.* Bags are subject to search before entering. Grilling in the parking lot is also prohibited. More than 30 restaurants and snack stands provide a broad dining experience for guests within the park.

Can you leave and come back into Carowinds? ›

Can I exit and re-enter the park on the same day? You may exit and re-enter the park. You will need to obtain a re-entry voucher at the exit (we will no longer use hand stamps) and will need to go through the entry procedures again including the temperature checkpoint and metal detection.

Is there a weight limit for roller coasters at Carowinds? ›

Rider Safety Information

Maximum weight is 265 lb. per rider. A shoulder vest with a between-the-legs lap bar secures each rider across the chest, thighs and pelvis.

What 4 rides are closing at Carowinds? ›

CHARLOTTE — Carowinds has announced that it has shut down four long-time rides and is set to make a major announcement next week about the future of its 2023 operating season. A spokesperson for Carowinds said the Yo-Yo, Dodgem, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare: 3Z Arena, and Southern Star closed on Aug. 1.

Is it cheaper to go to Carowinds after 4pm? ›

I love Carowinds, and have been a life long season pass holder, but for some one just passing through, I would suggest go after 4 if money is an issue. Admission is 49.99 at the gate prior to 4, and 23.99 after 4. You can still ride and see all there is in six hours without being hurried.

Can a 15 year old go to Carowinds alone? ›

Guests ages 15 years old or younger who are found inside the park unaccompanied by a chaperone will be subject to ejection. This chaperone requirement applies to all Carowinds ticket and season passholders. Parents or guardians are responsible for the behavior of their minor children.

What is not allowed in Carowinds? ›

Carrying firearms, ammunition, knives, and weapons of any kind and any other prohibited item. Carowinds reserves the right to prohibit any items at their discretion. Unsolicited photographing or video recording that disrupts a guest's experience or interferes with park operations.

Can I bring a backpack into Carowinds? ›

Guests may bring bags into the park; all bags are subject to search prior to entry. SHADED PRIVATE CABANAS: Cool off in a private, shaded cabana at Carolina Harbor Waterpark. There are four types of cabanas available, for groups of all sizes.

Is Carowinds fat friendly? ›

The most striking thing that I witnessed at Carowinds is that very few of the rides could accommodate heavy people. I saw people there that could not fit in the rides that would have fit in the rides at any other park I've ever been to.

Do you weigh less on a roller coaster? ›

You can feel yourself rising from the seat, and it's as though your insides are floating. The weightless feeling you experience in this situation isn't an illusion. If you had a scale, you would find that you actually weigh less in that moment.

What rides go upside down at Carowinds? ›

Afterburn reaches a blinding speed of up to 62 mph and is distinguished by its inverted construction and smooth ride. The first drop is 113-feet tall! Guests must be 54" tall to ride.

How long are the lines in Carowinds? ›

Carowinds Typical Wait Times
6:45 PM14 minutes
6:50 PM14 minutes
6:55 PM14 minutes
7:00 PM14 minutes
153 more rows

What is the longest ride at Carowinds? ›

Fury 325 is North America's longest steel coaster, and is over 1.25 miles long. The average ride time is 3.25 minutes, and the ride crosses both North and South Carolina state lines.

What age is Carowinds good for? ›

Carowinds is a wonderful place for the whole family to visit, babies and toddlers included! As a reminder, if you have a child between the ages of 3-5, make sure you check out Carowinds' Pre-K pass so that they can visit the park for free.

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