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Spain and the Balearics mix tradition with dynamism, secluded beach coves with avant-garde cuisine, and flamenco with castles and cult wines, creating the perfect recipe for a villa holiday.

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Villas in Spain & The Balearics

On mainland Spain we have villas in Andalucia- the land of flamenco. When it comes to the Balearics, our fabulous fincas can be found on the magical island of Mallorca, its low-key sister island of Menorca and incredible Ibiza. Our Spanish villa collection ticks a lot of boxes for a special summer holiday.

Spain & The Balearics resorts and towns


Our Andalucia villas are located inland near the mountains of Ronda and close to sandy beaches on the Costa del sol.

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Our selection of villas in Ibiza are scattered all over the island from the pretty rural village of Santa Gertrudis, to the picturesque town of Santa Eulalia, while Es Canar a...

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Our fabulous fincas in Mallorca are dotted around the island in some very beautiful areas. From pretty Pollença and Alcudia in the north, to Santanyí in the south and many in-...

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From the pretty coastal town of Binibeca, to the traditional fishing village of Son Bou, our properties are scattered all over, with many located on the southern coast of the ...

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Spain & the balearics VILLA HOLIDAY GUIDE

Interested in a luxury villa holiday in Spain? Once known chiefly for its long stretches of sand, blazing sun, and midday siestas, modern Spain complements tradition with dynamic cities, cutting-edge dining and design, a variety of adventure sports and tasty traditional tapas just about everywhere you go. Away from your luxurious Spanish holiday villa, you will find grand castles, cathedrals, and the fiery rhythms of gypsy flamenco. Whatever your holiday style, booking one of our luxury villas is sure to offer a gateway to an exciting summer holiday, whether it’s your first visit or your fifteenth.

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Things to do in Spain & the Balearics

From fun-filled fiestas to sangria-fuelled siestas, a villa holiday in Spain is a great way to enjoy the Mediterranean sun, sea, sand and so much more. Spain’s fine weather, varied terrain, and abundance of water are an invitation to outdoor enthusiasts. Walkers and hikers find terrific trails from Mallorca to Andalucía, and the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts beckon windsurfers, kite-boarders, and sailors. For keen swimmers, there’s an abundance of coastline to discover from our Spanish beach villas, or we offer a range of villas to rent with private pools, so you can stay active from the comfort of your own, luxurious home away from home in Spain. Meanwhile, family villas in Spain provide ample fun in the sun for parents and children of all ages, plus our range of large villas with lovely large pools, are perfect for groups of friends and families alike.

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things to do in Andalucia

In Andalucia, the birthplace of flamenco- experience art, architecture and fascinating history on your holiday, where whitewashed villages adorn Ronda’s hilltops and sandy beaches line the Costa del Sol coastline also known as the ‘Sunshine Coast’. Book a villa close to the coast for easy beach access or for a villa in a tranquil setting with countryside panoramas browse our villas near Ronda.

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things to do in Ibiza

If island life is your cup of tea, then let us introduce you to our properties on the beautiful Balearics. Contrary to its party destination reputation, an Ibiza villa holiday offers a whole other kind of holiday experience for laidback living. Think quaint villages, bucolic hideaways, chic villas with rooftop yoga and impressive infinity pools, and of course there’s the five star foodie scene.

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Things to do in Mallorca

Mallorca is home to some of our best family villas, close to the picturesque villages of Pollença, Alcudia and Campanet. Famous for its long stretches of sand, this island is a sun-worshippers paradise with lots of activities such as water skiing and snorkelling.

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Things to do in Menorca

Low-key Menorca offers a delightful location for rest and relaxation in beautiful surroundings. From charming fishing villages to endless sandy beaches, our villas in Menorca are located in excellent locations for beach holidays. Enjoy swimming in shallow waters, head out on the water in a pedalo or simply find the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset.

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Eating and drinking in Spain

Traditional dining on a villa holiday in Spain means suckling pig roasted on the spit, jamón serrano (cured ham), paella and other rice dishes.Paella originated in Valencia, on the east coast of Spain, but there are varieties available all over the country using different local ingredients- take part in a paella class or observe a local chef.

Spaniards’ love for tapas and tavern-hopping—the tapeo—is infectious, and a wonderful way to taste as many dishes as possible. You will still find pitchers of fruity sangria at seaside restaurants; but Spanish wines from Priorat to Jerez, are also some of the finest in the world.

If you don’t fancy eating out every night, you can pick up a wealth of fresh, aromatic, local ingredients at the country’s wonderful food markets to cook up in your villa. Or indulge in our additional cook service – particularly ideal for holiday villas for large groups and families.

Our Villa Specialists can not only book your villa and cook, they can also arrange transfers, car hire and flights to Spain. Whether you're travelling to Andalucia, Ibiza, Mallorca, or Menorca, just speak to amember of the team about arranging your flights and any other extras orclick on any of the region namesabove to find out more.

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When to go to spain

The wonderful thing about a villa holiday in Spain is that you are you are not tied to travelling in the summer months alone. July and August are peak season months with guaranteed sunshine so perfect for a beach villa holiday, but Spring and Autumn are also ideal times to visit.

Some of our villas are available from as early as March, which is a great time of year for walking or cycling holidays. As Springtime continues, the temperature gradually increases and May enjoys average daytime temperatures in the early twenties.

September is still a lovely time to relax at your villa and enjoy your private pool, only cooling off slightly in the evenings when you may need a warmer layer.

Discover our ABOVE collection in Spain

ABOVE is a hand-picked portfolio of the world’s finest staffed villas that are far above the ordinary.

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Villas In Spain | Luxury Villa Holidays In Spain With Flights (20)

Our Spain & The Balearics Villas

Villas In Spain | Luxury Villa Holidays In Spain With Flights (2024)
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