Simpson Limited Guns (2024)

1. Simpson Ltd

  • New Long Guns

  • Firearms for the Finest Collectors

2. Simpson Limited Firearms for Collectors - Yahoo Local

  • Simpson Ltd is the largest full line collector shop in the Midwest. We specialize in Lugers, Military Firearms and... MoreSimpson Ltd ...

  • We had the pleasure of working with Rich and Nica to import firearms that I inherited from a friend in Denmark. Their knowledge, effort and communication made the process frustration-free (though... More

3. SIMPSON LIMITED | Firearm Dealer and FFL Store in Galesburg IL ...

SIMPSON LIMITED | Firearm Dealer and FFL Store in Galesburg IL ...

4. Spandau At Simpson's LTD... - LugerForum Discussion Forums

  • Lots of interesting gun besides the lugers... Hoped to look at a couple of lugers listed on their web site; but the pistols were already sold...(1929 Swiss ...

  • Spandau At Simpson's LTD... Lugerforum Archive

5. Forgotten Weapons visits Simpson Ltd in Galesburg (largest collection of ...

  • Sep 21, 2014 · I have not been there for years but have purchased several from them over the years. They have an incredible selection and all ways treated me ...

  • This is amazing. According to the father (who started the business back in the 60s), he got into collecting Lugers after WWII because they were cheap. Says you could buy one for $20 or $30 bucks (!!!) Great video.

Forgotten Weapons visits Simpson Ltd in Galesburg (largest collection of ...

6. Simpson Ltd. | Forums

  • Nov 2, 2021 · Ive always had a great experience with them. If you call and speak to a sales person they will go back pull out the firearm and describe it to ...

  • I'm considering buying a shotgun from Simpson Ltd. in Illinois. Just wanted to hear peoples' experiences with Simpson. I know Simpson is very popular in the Luger and German milsurp collecting communities.

Simpson Ltd. | Forums

7. Simpson Ltd. - Galesburg, IL 61401 - Yellow Pages

  • We specialize in Lugers, Military Firearms and Militaria. We have been operating in our current location since 1994. Our vast gun inventory includes handguns ...

  • Share your own tips, photos and more- tell us what you think of this business!

Simpson Ltd. - Galesburg, IL 61401 - Yellow Pages

8. A Tour of Simpson Ltd (Video) - Forgotten Weapons

  • Sep 22, 2014 · No exaggeration on that salesman's part. I was extremely impressed when I received that pistol, both with the gun itself and the salesman's ...

  • September 22, 2014 Ian McCollum Uncategorized 8

9. Opinion of Simpsons Ltd? - Weapon Discussions & Classifieds

  • Mar 2, 2019 · Yes, their prices can be high but sometimes there are really good deals there. Plus, they get things in that you would have a very hard time ...

  • Starting to focus on historic and mid to higher end C&R stuff. I know their prices are usually high but sometimes they have some decent prices in their reduced bin and they have been getting a lot of PP's etc. lately. What's the general opinion? I have heard largely good but would like to...

Simpson Limited Guns (2024)


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