Maine Lobster Tails Prices (2024)

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Buying lobster tails for sale is not as easy as picking out a steak. If you have never bought seafood online, you might not have a good sense of Maine Lobster tails prices or what size is enough for a meal. Our guide is designed to walk you through the process of how you buy lobster tails, whether online or in-person. The grid below highlights some of our favorite lobster tail companies. If you’re looking for more options for a specific size, just scroll down. (Looking for live lobster instead? We have that here.)


Our Picks for Best Lobster Tails

CategoryCompanyMost Popular SizeAverage $/TailCustomer RatingsGo To
Best for Medium TailsLobster Anywhere6-9oz.$29.955.0
Best for Large TailsCrab Place10-12oz.$33.744.5
Best for Jumbo TailsCameron’s Seafood12-14 oz.$79.994.7
Best for Small TailsFulton Fish Market4-6oz.$13.994.6
Most Frequent DiscountsGet Maine Lobster6-9oz.$43.754.9
Most Size VarietyGlobal Seafoods18-20oz.$654.6

*Estimated cost for one tail of the provider’s most popular size.

What Lobster Tail Size Should I Buy?

Lobster tails can comprise any part of a meal, which makes choosing the perfect lobster tail size a difficult task. They can be a decadent side dish or a featured entrée. Certain size tails better complement certain meals. Most options will yield a good amount of meat,but you should consider the appetites of your guests and what you plan to cook when choosing a size.

Customers can often purchase lobster tails for sale in five sizes: small, medium, large, extra-large, and colossal. The visual below shows which lobster tail sizes are best for which dishes, as well as what you should expect to pay per tail.

The Right Lobster Tails Price for Your Meal

SizePrice RangeAverage $/TailSize AssetsBest For
Small (4-6 oz.)$13-$28$20.41Sweeter, more tender meat and easier to cookLobster lovers who want the sweetest meat possible
Medium (7-9 oz.)$28-$44$36.41“Goldilocks” size and taste – the perfect amount of meat with the right amount of sweetnessMeals with lots of sides
Large (10-12 oz.)$30-$49$40.43Most widely available size and more likely to be in stockSurf and turf
Extra Large (13-15 oz.)$42-$80$60.94The perfect size for a standalone dishThe main course of an elegant dinner
Colossal (16+ oz.)$79-$107$87.33Visually delightfulCreating a show-stopping centerpiece of a dinner party

Of course, each lobster tail size will also have certain drawbacks – just as choosing between live lobster sizes will affect the meal experience. Lobster lovers tend to agree that the larger the lobster, the milder the meat. This is also true of lobster tails. Generally speaking, a 4-ounce lobster tail will taste sweeter than a 14-ounce tail. That said, we don’t really see this as a problem. If you tend to enjoy your lobster with a large side of butter, you won’t really be able to taste the difference.

Keep in mind that, as with live lobster, the price per pound increases with the lobster’s size. You’ll be paying more per ounce on a 20-ounce tail than on a 5-ounce tail. You’ll see the most noticeable price bump between large and extra-large tails. This happens as a result of high demand and low supply – it’s just harder to find lobsters that big.

Still, there are a lot of benefits to buying an extra-large or colossal lobster tail. These things are visually stunning, and they yield a lot of meat. Big lobster tails can make for a show-stopping main course, or you can split one for a romantic dinner for two. Tail meat is flavorful and texturally complex. If this is your favorite part of the lobster, buying a larger tail will be worth the added cost. Plus, it’s pretty wild to eat a lobster tail the size of your forearm.

Once you’ve chosen a specific lobster tail size, you can start to figure out which provider you want to use. The below grids offer a brief view into lobster tail pricing by size and company.

All About Maine Lobster Tails

When you buy lobster tails from Maine, you are ordering a cold-water crustacean. Be on the lookout for vendors who ship lobster tails from Florida, the Caribbean, or Latin America. If you buy from any of these places, you have likely ordered a warm-water lobster.

These variations differ in crucial ways. You will pay less for warm-water lobsters, but their meat remains soft and mushy once cooked. This is far from the firm, buoyant meat of a Maine lobster tail. Additionally, warm-water lobster tails carry a slight ammonia order.

To each their own, but if we’re paying to get lobster tails delivered, it’s gotta be the stuff from Maine. If a company’s website says, “Harvested from the Gulf of Maine,” you’re on the right track. Also, keep an eye on the price tag. Vendors price warm-water lobsters much lower than their cold-water cousins. If you see a suspiciously inexpensive tail, the vendor likely did not source it from Maine.

When you buy lobster tails online, consider the harvesting methods, dates, and preparation. You can always call ahead with product-specific questions about their lobster tails for sale.

4-6 ounce Small Maine Lobster Tails

CompanyMin. OrderPrice/Tail*Price/4 Tails**Company RatingGo To
The Crab Place2SOLD OUTSOLD OUT4.7
Get Maine Lobster4$37.49$149.994.9
Fulton Fish Market (from CAN)2$9.79$39.184.4
Lobster Anywhere1SOLD OUTSOLD OUT5.0
Global Seafoods5 lbs (18-20 tails)$13.33$240.004.6

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7-9 Ounce Medium Maine Lobster Tails

CompanyMin. OrderPrice/Tail*Price/4 Tails**Company RatingGo To
The Crab Place2$34.99$139.994.7
Get Maine Lobster4$41.25$164.964.9
Lobster Anywhere1$39.00$156.005.0
Fulton Fish Market2$39.99$159.964.4

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10-12 Ounce Large Maine Lobster Tails

CompanyMin. OrderPrice/Tail*Price/4 Tails**Company RatingGo To
The Crab Place2$44.99$164.994.7
Graffam Lobster1$42.95$171.804.6

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12-14 Ounce Jumbo Maine Lobster Tails

CompanyMin. OrderPrice/Tail*Price/4 Tails**Company RatingGo To
The Crab Place2$67.49$239.994.7
Fulton Fish Market (from CAN)2SOLD OUTSOLD OUT4.4
Cameron’s Seafood2$39.99$159.985.0

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How to Cook Lobster Tails

There’s always a bit of trial and error when cooking lobster. Nonetheless, use the tail’s size as a reliable guide. Below, we have included cooking times for the range of lobster tail sizes.

  • Boiling Times: Small – 4-6 minutes; Medium – 6-8 minutes; Large – 8-9 minutes; Extra Large 9-10 minutes.
  • Steaming Times: Small – 5-8 minutes; Medium – 8-10 minutes; Large – 10-11 minutes; Extra Large – 11-12 minutes.

If you select large or extra-large when you buy lobster tails online, we recommend steaming over boiling. As with the largest whole, live lobsters, steaming is often preferred to avoid overcooking the outermost layer of the meat. You can make your cooking method flexible with smaller tails. Any size lobster tails for sale will make for an excellent meal.

You can also broil, bake, or grill Maine lobster tails. The potentially challenging part when you buy lobster tails is determining the cooking method. Here are the basics.

  • Broiling Lobster – We recommend broiling lobster if you have a time limit. The general rule to follow once you buy lobster tails online is to broil a lobster tail 1 minute per ounce of each tail. Broiling also works if a guest, or you, does not require much fanfare. Include butter sauce, crushed garlic, fresh parsley, and lemon wedges for your simple garnish. Make sure to pay attention to all of your tails. If you are cooking multiple tails, look to see if their lengths differ. If one tail is longer than another, the chance is great that it will sear faster. It may also burn if you get distracted.
  • Baking Lobster – The first thing that you need to know when you select lobster tails for sale is, choose the appropriate lobster size. The next time you decide to buy lobster tails online, get small tails for when you bake them. It happens to us all — we feel tempted to purchase jumbo lobster tails for the most meat. Jumbo tails do work for some cooking methods. However, baking smaller tails produces the most tasty and tender meat. You should purchase 6 ounces. The lobster tail provides about 3 ounces of meat. There are many satisfying dishes to serve with baked lobster. You can pair the tails with red meat for a surf and turf meal.
  • Grilling Lobster – If you are not in a rush, grilling lobster is a great summertime treat. When you buy lobster tails online, we suggest that you select a smaller size. Grilling larger lobsters often makes them become tough and dry. Keep in mind that grilling lobster requires prep time. Alternatively, no prep is needed when you boil lobster. When you grill lobster, make sure that you have plenty of space. You can serve your pleasantly smoky grilled lobster alongside some baked beans.

Lobster Tail Videos and Tutorials

Some people, like us, are visual learners. If reading about how to cook lobster tails isn’t really your thing, check out the below YouTube videos and tutorials. These offer great, step-by-step directions for preparing a lobster tail.

Maine Lobster Tails Prices (1)

Maine Lobster Tails Prices (2)

Maine Lobster Tails Prices (3)

Our Favorite Lobster Tail Recipes

Each lobster tail cooking method gives you an opportunity to get creative. The next time you buy lobster tails online, consider trying these unique recipes.

Maine Lobster Tails Prices (4)

Lobster Avocado Mango Salad Are you missing the beach atmosphere? Lobster salad will make you feel like you’re on vacation. First, steam your lobster tails. You want to ensure that the meat is tender. Avoid boiling them because you will lose the lobster flavor. Make sure to use a pot that gives ample space for your lobster tails.

Next, select a large kettle and add 2 inches of salted water to the bottom. Place your steaming rack inside the pot. Then, over high heat, bring the water to a rolling boil. When you buy lobster tails online, they cook at different speeds. If you cook 1 pound, it will finish in about 10 minutes. Do not forget to shift the lobster tails so that they do not burn.

Crab-Stuffed Lobster Tail Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? Check out this crab-stuffed lobster tails recipe for summer. You can prepare the recipe in 20 minutes. Then, you can cook the meal in 10 minutes. Ingredients include: 2 Maine lobster tails, 15 crushed buttery round crackers, 1/2 cup of jumbo lump crabmeat, and 1 teaspoon of seafood seasoning, like Old Bay.

Once you buy lobster tails online, make sure that they are split along the center top. Then, pull apart the edges of the split shells. Once you do that, you can gradually lift the tail meat and place them above the shells. Place your lobster tails for sale on a baking sheet for delicious results.

Creamy Cheesy Cheddar Lobster Dip Warm dip lovers will want to make this for their next snack. The dip works well as a personal snack or one to put out with chips when friends come to watch a game.You will sauté these ingredients to provide maximum flavor in the dip. The recipe calls for cheddar cheese, but substitutions are perfectly acceptable. If you want more kick behind your cheese, add the cheese in gradual amounts. You do not want to overpower the lobster. Once you complete your prep time, bake the dip at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20-25 minutes.

We have given you a lot to consider the next time you buy Maine lobster tails. While our guide details different sizes, cooking styles, and recipes, you should experiment. Adding your own twist when you buy lobster tails online provides your dinner guests with a great experience.

Lobster Tails Near Me

Looking for local lobster delivery instead of lobster tail shipping? This should set you on the right path. In the meantime, here’s a non-comprehensive map of some lobster tail fisheries.

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Maine Lobster Tails Prices (2024)
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