Best Go-Karts Under $1000 - Or Just Above It (2024)

Go Karting is quickly becoming one of theworld’s most popular, family-friendly motorsports!

With Go-Karts suitable for kids as young as five and kids as old as 90 plus, go-karting is something fun that the whole family can enjoy.

With Go-Karts available for indoor and outdoor tracks, off-road and rocky terrain, and even sandy beaches, go-karting is quickly becoming a versatile and worldwide sensation.

Now I know what most of you are thinking, don’t you have to spend an arm and a leg to get into one of the world’s most popular up-and-coming motorsports? Stick around and find out how that is just not the case.

With our list of the best go-karts under $1000, we go through a large variety of Karts to suit all types of people, terrain and adrenaline-packed fun.

We have not only found the best value and quality electric Karts, but we have also brought you a surprising selection of gas-powered Go-Karts. (we also have a specially powered Kart, but you will read more about that later!) all at a price range that won’t break the bank!

We will go through each Kart and give you a rundown on what makes some Karts great and other Karts, well, almost great.

So, keep reading, and we can have you taking corners, ripping up the dunes, and breaking lap records, and the best part? Our guide could have you doing all this for less than $1000.

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GMX Drift 200cc Go-Kart – Black

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If you are looking for something to get the hair on your head, and standing to attention, then the GMX Drift is the Go-Kart for you! Perfect for tearing up dirt tracks and dunes, the GMX Drift comes out swinging with a 200cc, 4-stroke engine with air cooling.

With the power of reaching a maximum speed of 55km/H in perfect conditions. Coming in just under budget, it gives value for money with the sheer power of a gas engine without going all in! Could this be your dream Kart?

The GMX Drift comes with Direct Axle RearWheel 2-wheel drive, giving it the traction to rip up dirt, sand, or gravelanywhere you bring it.

With an easy-handling steering wheel-mounted throttle and a kill switch within touching distance, you can be in total control of the fun at all times!

These Karts also come with a rear-wheel disc brake system, allowing you to go to a quick and controlled stop when you need to, they are also great for drifting!

This Kart only comes in black. If you are a black lover, you might adore this one. Stands 16.5cm off the ground, and has beautiful front and back spring suspensions, allowing you to maintain vicious power slides, which is great.

That rear-wheel drive we mentioned earlieradds some serious traction allowing you to rip along off-road dirt tracks likea pro!


  • The flawless black design with red inlay makes for a beautiful design.
  • Kill switch and Disc brakes offer excellent control.


  • The small frame is not suitable for larger adults.

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Go Kart Drift II 6.5 hp 196 cc BLUE with new EPA engine,

No products found.

Coming in just a little cheaper than the previous entry, the Go-Kart Drift II is a very close competitor, with a mere 6cc difference in engine size.

The Drift II comes packed with a 6.5hp 196cc 4-stroke engine that can easily keep up. It also comes with a centrifugal clutch, uses unleaded petrol, and reaches speeds between 35-45 km/H.

The only downpoint we can find between the two options is the Drift II’s lack of front suspension, however, the hydraulic-powered brakes, and the aesthetic butterfly steering wheel still make it a strong contender.

The Drift II also comes with a lever throttleand brake controls. Who would have thought this possible from a Go-Kart under$1000?

Another upside for Drift II is that it isavailable in a range of colors. Blue, black, red, and yellow, so you can pickthe perfect color to cover in dirt and sand. If you like colors, this one isideal for you with an extensive range of colors.

Drift II has a small frame, which also makesit ideal for kids, but don’t be discouraged. It is perfect for Mom and Dad too!

With these 2 absolute beasts leading the gas-powered category, you may wonder why they even make them electric but do not worry; we will get to that!


  • Beautiful butterfly design wheel with easy-to-reach lever throttle.
  • Customizable in an extensive range of colors.
  • Dry centrifugal clutch.


  • No front-wheel suspension can cause you to feel those bumps!

Razor Ground Force Drifter Fury Electric Go-Kart

Best Go-Karts Under $1000 - Or Just Above It (2)

Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart - White

  • Recommended to use only on flat surfaces | Race-tuned chassis and super-slick rear wheels for serious neighborhood drifting
  • Age range – 8+ | Weight limit – 140 lbs. | Battery – 24V (Two 12V), sealed lead acid, rechargeable | Battery life – Up to 40 minutes | Max speed – 12 mph | Some assembly required
  • The Ground Force Drifter Fury ups the ante with the added flash of its unique Spark Bar

Leading the Electric Go-Kart market is the Razor Ground Force. With a beautifully sleek design, rubber wheels, and a refillable spark bar, the Razor will make you the king of the streets.

Perfect for smooth ground and indoor tracks,the Razor’s high torque, chain-driven motor can gain some serious traction!

Powered by two 12V batteries, the Razor canreach speeds up to 20 km/H, and with its hand-operated rear brake, some wicked powerslides can be unleashed.

It also comes with a refillable spark bar I mentioned earlier, that leaves a spray of sparks to dazzle friends and family. The Razor’s variable speed settings, coupled with its thumb-trigger acceleration control, make it safe and controllable.

The Razor Ground Force is perfect for youngerkids looking to get started in motorsports.

The lower speed makes maintaining a safe and controlled environment easier in comparison to more high-speed gas-powered Go-Karts yet keeping all the fun.

With a charge time of 12 hours, you get 40 minutes of continuous use, so the included battery bag comes in handy!


  • Great for a safe but fast experience
  • Suitable for kids 8+
  • Awesome spark bar for dazzling power slides.
  • Powder-coated steel frame and sleek design make it easy on the eye.


  • Not suitable for adults so you might need to consider this point if you are going to buy a go-kart for an adult.
  • Long charge time in comparison to run time, which is another big drawback.

MotoTec Sandman Go-Kart 49cc

No products found.

The Molotec Sandman Kart takes go-karting to a whole new level. Excellent for both on-road and off-road, it comes with a gorgeous buggy design with front and rear bumpers.

With 9-inch wheels and direct chain drive,the Molotec is a class of its own for a smooth ride even at top speeds. It alsocomes equipped with an automatic centrifugal clutch.

With a 49cc 2-stroke engine, you would expect it to show a much slower speed than our previous options. However, that direct chain drive we mentioned earlier allows the Kart to reach up to 45km/H! In favorable conditions, of course.

JFG’s Racing’s Molotec Sandman makes a class of its now when compared to other gas-powered Karts. Unlike our first two options, it does not offer anything in the way of powerslides. However, its smooth and stable ride makes it one of the best out there.

The Sandman’s stable and sturdy design makesit perfect for adult riders, too, so you can have fun with the whole family!


  • A very stable design allows for a very smooth drive.
  • Axle-mounted disc brakes allow for control at high speeds.
  • Direct chain drive and high tensile frame allow speeds up to 45 km/H.


  • The smaller engine allows less traction for power sliding.

MotoTec Solar Electric Go-Kart 24V

No products found.

As an honorable mention, we have Monotec again (the specially powered go-kart we promised you earlier), this time with the Solar Electric Kart.

Yes, a solar-powered go-kart. With a runtime of 2 hours, after a 12-hour solar charge, or 4-6 hours with help from the battery charger. The Solar Kart can reach speeds of up to 24 km/H.

With a simple design with aluminum fixings, solar panels, and a 350-watt DC battery, it is worth every penny!


  • Guilt-free go-karting, what is not to love?


  • Short runtime compared to long charge time.

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So, there we have it, the best go-karts out there on the market, right now, for less than $1000.

With a range of gas, electric, and even solar-powered Karts, there is an option for everybody out there to get involved in the next big power sport!

No matter if you are heading cross country, skidding around the neighborhood, or out power sliding in the dunes, I hope we covered an extensive enough range so that you can find the best Go-Kart out there for $1000 or less.

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Best Go-Karts Under $1000 - Or Just Above It (2024)
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