Are Kyra Green and Megan Barton-Hanson on good terms after Love Island Games drama? The lovers (2024)

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Are Kyra Green and Megan Barton-Hanson on good terms after Love Island Games drama? The lovers (1)

Premiering on November 1, Love Island Gameshas been airing Sundays through Fridays on Peaco*ck, bringing together fan-favorite islanders fromthe British, Australian, and American versions of Love Island for a high-stakes competition that is unlike anything fans of the franchise have seen before. With familiar faces like Justine Ndiba, Cely Vazquez, Imani Wheeler hitting the villa for a second time, we simply cannot get enough!

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According to the network, Love Island Games gives former contestants “a second shot at love as they compete in a brand-new format to be crowned champions of Love Island Games. In this cheeky new iteration, romance will meet reality as fan-favorite islanders are faced with both team and couples’ challenges, all while navigating dating, eliminations, recoupling, dramatic arrivals, and new competition twists and turns like never before.”

With hot new bombshells arriving every few episodes, from Courtney Boerner toZeta Morrison toDeb Chubb and beyond, two women made a splash as soon as they entered the villa (no pun intended) — Megan Barton-Hanson of Love Island: UK, and Kyra Green of Love Island: USA.

Arriving on day two, Megan explored a connection with both Steph Blackos of Love Island: France and Callum Hole of Love Island: Australia to begin her journey on Love Island Games — that is, until Kyra entered the villa on day five and turned her head.

The duo instantaneously formed a connection with one another, with Kyra choosing to couple up with Megan during the re-coupling ceremony that was to follow shortly after her arrival. “I want to couple up with this person because, coming into the villa, I feel like right off the bat, I kinda had a genuine connection with them. It was just easy to talk to them and felt like something I could see over time turning maybe into something,” she gushed.

While things seemed to be smooth sailing between Megan and Kyra, things took a turn when Megan’s ex-boyfriend, Eyal Booker of Love Island: UK, entered the villa, causing her head to turn for the second time.

Hinting that she wanted to rekindle their romance while spending time together up in the “Soul Ties” section of the villa, Kyra was extremely hurt when she found out about the flirtatiousness that occurred between Megan and Eyal, however, this drama was rather short-lived, due to Megan’s untimely departure.

Megan abruptly left the villa due to medical reasons (with no real explanation or goodbye), leaving Kyra both single and confused, with no real closure between them. Coupling up with Carrington Rodriguez of Love Island: USA after her partner’s untimely exit, Kyra and Carrington had a poor performance in the iconic “Heart Rate Challenge,” causing them to dumped from the villa shortly after Megan.

Once both Megan and Kyra were out of the villa, the duo reconnected with one another, giving the Kyra the closure that she needed. Keep scrolling to see what the Love Island: USA alum had to say about her relationship with Megan in an exclusive interview with PopCulture

According to Kyra, things between her and Megan are “way better” now that they have gotten the chance to talk things out with one another post-filming. “Once I got out of the villa, she DMed me, we talked, we caught up, and it was hard because it was like we never were able to resolve what happened in the game and talk about it,” she explained in said interview.

Overall, Kyra was mostly hurt by Megan’s lack of loyalty during their time on Love Island Games, likely due to the fact that the former was far more serious about their relationship than the latter.

“It was the communication thing, and I was very clearly going in there to pursue something romantically, and I was very open about that… If you wanted to play games or you want to do whatever, you could have just said that,” Kyra dished.

Even though their connection did not pan out the way she would have liked, Kyra does not have any bad blood with Megan; however, it is safe to say that the pair will not pursue a romantic relationship with one another anytime soon.

“We weren’t coupled up long enough and we weren’t in a committed relationship to be like, ‘Oh, I hate you. I’m not going to talk to you or have bad blood in the outside world,'” Kyra revealed.

While both Kyra Green and Megan Barton-Hanson have been greatly missed in the villa since their respective departures,fans of theLove Islandfranchise cancatch new episodes ofLove Island GamesSundays through Fridays on Peaco*ckto see how the rest of the inaugural season unfolds —with six new bombshells entering the villa, things are starting to get crazy!


Are Kyra Green and Megan Barton-Hanson on good terms after Love Island Games drama? The lovers (2024)


Does Kyra couple up with Megan? ›

Kyra and Megan hands down hottest couple in love island history like it's not even a competition. Other people emphasised how thrilled they were to see a same-sex couple on the reality dating series.

What happened to Megan from Love Island Games? ›

At the time narrator Iain Stirling told fans that Megan had left for "medical reasons", but did not make it clear how long the star would be gone for or if she would be returning. Megan had been coupled up with Love Island USA star Kyra Green who confessed Megan's illness had "put a strain" on their budding romance.

Where did Megan from Love Island go? ›

Post-Love Island

Barton-Hanson and Nelson remained together after the series ended, with Barton-Hanson moving into Nelson's flat, and the pair later moving into a flat in Camden.

Is Kyra on Love Island Games? ›

Kyra also competed on Love Island Games, where she entered the villa on Day 5 and was dumped from the island on Day 11.

Who is Kyra dating now Love Island? ›

Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada (Season 3)

The season 3 runners-up broke up shortly after leaving Love Island, but they reconciled in June 2022. “My love, my heart, my life,” Kyra wrote in Spanish via Instagram one year later in June 2023.

Who did Kyra end up with? ›

Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada

Finally, some happiness on the island! Korey Gandey and Olivia Kaiser were the winners of season 3, but it was Kyra and Will who became one of the first Love Island USA couples to last. Three months after production, they broke up for a bit but were back together by July 2022.

Are any couples from Love Island Games still together? ›

Justine Ndiba & Jack Fowler

Love Island Games Winners Justine Ndiba and Jack Fowler are still together after the show ended. The two split the $100,000 prize money and Jack even went home as Most Valuable Male Islander. This marks Justine's second win as she also won Love Island US season 2.

What happened on Love Island Games? ›

"Love Island Games" crowned its first winners in Monday night's finale. Justine Ndiba and Jack Fowler won not only love but also a $100,000 prize as the last couple standing on Season 1 of the Peaco*ck spinoff.

What happened to the blonde on Love Island Games? ›

After arriving at the Love Island Games Villa in Fiji on day two, Megan Barton Hanson has had to leave the show because of a medical issue, according to the episode that aired on 12 November on the streaming service Peaco*ck.

How old was Megan on Love Island? ›

Megan Barton-Hanson, the model from Essex, is 24 years old. See the full gallery.

Who is Megan from Love Island exes? ›

Megan Barton-Hanson lifted the lid on her past romances as she reflected on her famous former flames. The Love Island star, 30, soared to fame on season five of the ITV2 dating show, enjoying dalliances with Eyal Booker and Alex Miller before setting her sights on Wes Nelson, with whom she finished in fourth place.

Are Megan and Kyra still together? ›

Unfortunately it appears Megan won't be able to progress her connection with either Eyal or Kyra after leaving for medical reasons. In September, Megan opened up her health struggles on social media, explaining to her followers she was suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease.

Why did Megan leave Love Island Games? ›

What happened to Megan on Love Island Games? As per both Iain and Kyra, Megan left due to medical reasons as she fell sick. “I'm okay. It's mean definitely upsetting… just obviously on different pages and I haven't been really able to get on the same page because she's been sick and out of here.”

How old was Kyra in Love Island? ›

Kyra, a 23-year-old healthcare analyst from Honolulu, Hawaii, was one of 10 original contestants on Love Island US season 3. Will Moncada, a 26-year-old model from Medellín, Colombia, was one of the first bombshells to join the season, and he and Kyra coupled up at the first re-coupling.

Who did Megan couple up with on Love Island Games? ›

Love Island's Megan Barton-Hanson has coupled up with Kyra Green on the spin-off Love Island Games.

Do Emily and Kyra ever couple up? ›

Kyra left Love Island with her own new boyfriend, but both relationships ended after filming. Emily and Kyra linked back up after their respective breakups and they finally started their own romance.

Who was Kyra coupled up with first? ›

The influencer wasn't one of the original singles to enter the villa in Fiji, but she did join the cast on day one as a bombshell. Kyra pursued Cashel Barnett and the pair coupled up before furthering their connection.

Does Megan have romance? ›

Long before she was a royal, Meghan Markle was asked in an interview whether she would date Prince William or Prince Harry, to which she offhandedly replied, "Harry, sure." Now, the two are happily married with two kids. Their love story began with a blind date in 2016 and peaked with a royal wedding in 2018.

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